Dreadnoughts guitars

“B” models

The use of the “B” to identify Norman guitars was the very first way to identify models built by Normand Boucher. Today, there are many different models in this series, some of which have seen their specifications evolve over the years.

“Studio” models

The “Studio” model series appeared in the mid-1970s. It was renewed with models with more advanced finishing details.

Other models

Some models stand out, each in their own way. Some by name alone, others by the type of wood chosen or by the details of the construction.

Folk guitars

The Folklore series of “Folklore” models features a smaller, rounded body, which stands out for its different sound compared to the Dreadnought model, but also for the playing comfort it offers the guitarist.

Classical guitars

Over the years, nylon stringed classical guitars have always been part of the Norman guitar production. They offer a variety of wood species, depending on the model.

Electric guitars

Photo to come

The production of Norman guitars was augmented by a series of electric guitars in the early 1980s, partly in response to the decline of the acoustic guitar market in favour of electronic music.